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MCI Approved

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MRCOG Course Details

The MRCOG qualification is internationally respected as the gold standard qualification for career progression in O&G: it’s your passport to the very pinnacle of the profession. The Membership examination, which was first held in 1931, is intended for those who wish to specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology. The exam is a three-part assessment:

Part Eligibility

Part 1 MRCOG is a written examination to evaluate basic and clinical sciences relevant to the subject.


Candidates for the Part 1 MRCOG must have a medical degree

Part 2 MRCOG is a written exam that assesses the application of knowledge


Candidates for the Part 2 MRCOG must have a medical degree and pass the part 1 MRCOG.

Part 3 MRCOG is a stand-alone clinical skills exam that assesses candidates’ ability to apply core clinical skills in the context of the skills, as defined in the Part 2 MRCOG curriculum. The Part 3 MRCOG is part of the assessment and validation process for entry on to the UK Specialist Register and progress to a consultant post in O&G. UK specialty trainees must pass the Part 2 and Part 3 MRCOG before progressing from ST5 to ST6.

Candidates for the Part 3 MRCOG must have a medical degree and pass the part 1 and 2 MRCOG.

Training Course Structure

MRCOG Part 1

Duration Days Mock Test Class 1 Class 2
3 Months Saturday- Sunday 2:30pm-3pm 3pm-4:45pm 5:00pm-6:45pm
Category Classes Mock Tests
01. Anatomy 4 1
02. Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2 1
03. Statistics & Epidemiology 2 1
04. Embryology 2 1
05. Genetics 2 1
06. Physiology & Endocrinology 3 1
07. Microbiology 1 1
08. Immunology & Hematology, Medical Physics 2 1
09. Pharmacology 2 1
10. Reproductive & Fetomaternal 3 1
11. Pathology & Homoeostasis 1 1
Final Mock Test 01 —- 1
TOTAL 24 12

Intake Schedule MRCOG


Exam Date Course Starts Maximum number of students/batch
January October 10
July April 10

Post Graduate Academy of Medical Sciences (PGAMS)

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