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MRCOG UK is a MCI recognised PG Qualification

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  1.  Get counselling and guidance on appearing for MRCOG UK  exams

  2.  We provide online training with extensive study materials

  3. Mock tests and Learning Facilitation Centres

  4.  Career Opportunity of earning higher salaries in India and UK.

As a training institute , we help aspirants by using advanced learning methodologies which combine standard pedagogy with customised strategies to ensure in depth knowledge of topics taught as per the UK medical education system. Our Faculty members are well experienced members of the Royal Colleges with extensive clinical and academic knowledge. Our extended professional networks consists of clinicians and specialists working in NHS and in leading Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Glasgow who provide additional learning support to ensure success in these exams.

Why Us?

  1. Recognised by the Medical Councils.

  2. MD equivalent Degree

  3. Eligible to work in India, UK and other countries

  4. Gateway for further studies in UK

  5. Interactive Lectures 

  6. UK based Faculty 

  7. Expansive Resources and Question Banks 

  8. Periodic Mock Tests





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