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MRCOG Part 1 Online Course

The online course comprises Interactive lectures  from experts and enhances the  knowledge of the curriculum  boosting confidence for the exam preparation

The MRCOG Part 1 online course includes Live Lectures Concise Course Materials and Mock Tests.

Why do this course

1.Get complete Knowledge on the key topics of the MRCOG Part 1 Syllabus

2.Practise  exam questions from every topic in the syllabus

3. Get trained by expert  lecturers with personalised attention


Course Design

The Course is designed for candidates planning to sit the Part 1 MRCOG  examination and includes detailed advice on the exam preparation and a detailed comprehensive coverage of the Part A MRCOG syllabus and practice SBA sessions. You will also have the opportunity to do mock tests during the course.

Course Objectives

During the course you will be able to benefit in the following ways

  • Get detailed understanding of the MRCOG  Part 1 syllabus and exam structure
  • Study and understand the  key topics of the MRCOG Part 1 syllabus
  • Discuss and practice the most common  exam questions
  • Gain confidence on the  wide variety exam questions
  • Get trained by  expert  faculty  with personalised attention to suit individual learning needs.
  • Get extensive learning exposure with other fellow participants
  • Planned approach to  prepare for the exam


Candidates who are planning to sit the Part 1  MRCOG exam



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