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MRCP UK is an internationally recognised and MCI approved Post Graduate Level Qualification in Medicine.

MRCP(Member Of The Royal College Of Physicians ) is awarded to students on successfully passing the examinations conducted by the Royal College Of Physicians UK.

MRCP Eligibility

Completion of MBBS and 12 months of Internship

MRCP Exams  .

MRCP has three parts. On successful completion of the three part examination, students receive the certificate and start specialist internal medicine training in the UK. The three parts are as follows-

  • MRCP Part 1 Exam
  • MRCP  Part 2 Exam
  • MRCP Part 2 Clinical PACES  (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills)

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We offer online training for MRCP exams  by  experienced members of the Royal Colleges with extensive clinical and academic knowledge. Our extended professional networks consists of clinicians and specialists working in NHS and in leading Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Glasgow who provide additional learning support to ensure success in these exams.

MRCP Career Opportunities

Upon  completion of the MRCP UK qualification, doctors can get registered in the the respective  medical council opening up a plethora of opportunities as a specialist in India.For doctors looking to work abroad, MRCP UK opens up career opportunities in UK,Europe and many countries around the world.To know in details about the career opportunities contact us.

Key Benefits of doing MRCP

Globally Accredited PG Qualification in Medicine

Admissions on the Basis of MBBS without any Entrance Exams

Opens Up career opportunities in India,Abroad and Many Countries.

Can be pursued in Online Learning mode

Affordable fees

 MCI /GMC UK Recognised.

MD equivalent Degree

Eligible to work in India, UK and many countries

Gateway for higher  studies in UK

Interactive Lectures | UK based Faculty | Expansive Resources and Question Banks | Periodic Mock Tests

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Earn a MD equivalent Degree

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