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Why Choose MRCS as a Post Graduate Qualification

1.Entry Requirements

Contrary to MD/MS in India which requires NEET Eligibility ,and MD/MS in UK which requires PLAB and IELTS, MRCS eligibility is MBBS with Internship without the need of any entrance exam.

2.Recognition in India and Abroad

MRCP is recognised by the MCI as per the second schedule of foreign medical qualifications and is also recognised by the GMC UK,as a Post graduate qualification for working as well as higher studies.In addition to this many countries around the world recognise it as a Post Graduate Qualification.


The total cost to complete the qualification is minuscule compared to MD/MS Courses in Indian Private Colleges and Universities in the UK.

4.Flexible and Convenience

The course does not stipulate any fixed classroom study,due to which students can study as per their convenience to gain the knowledge required to pass the MRCS exams.

5. Career Opportunities

As mentioned above ,since it is recognised in many countries around the world, it opens up ample specialist career opportunities with attractive salary packages around the world.



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